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Report, Research & Publication

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Patients Speak

" Very good OPD & Speciality care...nice organiser"

Soumyadeep Sinha

" Renowned private hospital with good service. "

Paul Basu

" I was there in 2008 suffering from Pancreatitis and admitted under DR. K. N. JALAN and got best treatment ever And now i am totally ok. "

Tamoghna Dey

Special Packages

  • Bronze Health Check-Up
  • Silver Health Check-Up
  • Gold Health Check-Up
  • Platinum Health Check-Up
  • Sr. Citizen Health Check-Up (Male)
  • Sr. Citizen Health Check-Up (Female)
  • Well Woman Health Check-Up
  • Pre-Employment Health Check-Up


24x7 Ambulance +91 83350 61403

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