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Super-speciality Services

  1. Intra-operative consultation of frozen specimen is one of the key services provided by this department.
  2. This includes providing the primary diagnosis, margin status and the nodal status of the tumour to the oncosurgeon during the surgical procedure within a timeframe.
  3. This immediate on-time review and analysis helps the surgeon to decide the extent of the ongoing surgery.
  4. The rejected specimen is then processed for further examination and assessment for tumour stage, grade, type, margins and nodal status.
  5. These findings collectively provide the final histopathology report which helps the oncologist define a treatment plan for the patient and give a prognosis.
Core and Scopic Biopsies
  1. The histopathologists also perform FNAC procedures and report on a large number of pap smears, fluids; and radiologically, both USG & CT guided FNAC smears.
  2. Specialized tests like Immunohistochemistry on cell block material are also performed.
  1. This sub-specialty of histopathology requires specialized diagnostic skills.
  2. The histopathologists concentrate on tumour-related neuropathology, intra-operative frozen sections and interpretation of stereotactic biopsies.
Molecular Biology
  1. The Molecular Microbiology & Research section deals with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based diagnostic assays for Infectious Diseases like Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and CMV.
  2. Working protocols have been devised as per the best standard practices; the laboratory follows a unidirectional work flow with physically separate areas designated for pre-amplification, nucleic acid extraction, amplification, and post-amplification with quantification activities.
  3. All instruments in the laboratory are maintained as per regular QC and preventive maintenance carried out at recommended intervals.
  4. Results of assay controls are reviewed for acceptability prior to reporting patient results.
  5. If QC results exceed defined acceptability limits, appropriate corrective action is initiated.

Patients Speak

" Very good OPD & Speciality care...nice organiser"

Soumyadeep Sinha

" Renowned private hospital with good service. "

Paul Basu

" I was there in 2008 suffering from Pancreatitis and admitted under DR. K. N. JALAN and got best treatment ever And now i am totally ok. "

Tamoghna Dey

Special Packages

  • Bronze Health Check-Up
  • Silver Health Check-Up
  • Gold Health Check-Up
  • Platinum Health Check-Up
  • Sr. Citizen Health Check-Up (Male)
  • Sr. Citizen Health Check-Up (Female)
  • Well Woman Health Check-Up
  • Pre-Employment Health Check-Up


24x7 Ambulance +91 83350 61403

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