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Paediatric Surgery

Department of Paediatric Surgery

Welcome to the Department of Paediatric Surgery at Kothari Medical Hospital. The Department at our hospital is dedicated to providing specialized surgical care for infants, children, and adolescents. We offer a wide range of surgical services, including minimally invasive procedures, neonatal surgeries, and treatments for congenital anomalies, trauma, and pediatric cancers. Our trained paediatric surgeons and healthcare staff are dedicated to providing the greatest level of treatment in a child-friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The The department is well-equipped to handle all kind of elective and emergency paediatric and neonatal surgeries.


Paediatric Surgery Treatment

Pediatric Trauma Surgery

Treatment of injuries in children such as fractures, abrasions, and other urgent surgical procedures

Gastro-intestinal Surgery

Surgical treatment for gastrointestinal problems like gastroesophageal reflux disease, pyloric stenosis, and Hirschsprung's disease.

Paediatric urological Surgery

This may be necessary for patients who are experiencing severe respiratory distress or failure in order to assist their breathing. Our team providing critical care are adept at controlling ventilators and modifying settings to improve breathing and oxygenation.

General Pediatric Surgery

Surgical treatment of common disorders like appendicitis, hernias, undescended testes, and other inherited or acquired anomalies.

Neonatal Surgery

Surgical care for babies with congenital malformations or other disorders necessitating prompt treatment, such as gastrointestinal problems or life-threatening birth deformities.

Paediatric Oncological Surgery

The surgical treatment of cancers in children, including tumours, lymphomas, and sarcomas.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopy and Endoscopy)

Some procedures can be performed with minimally invasive techniques, resulting in smaller incisions, less scarring, and quicker recovery times.

Thoracic Surgery

The surgical treatment of problems affecting the chest, such as congenital lung anomalies and thoracic tumours.

Paediatric Ophthalmic Surgery

The surgical treatment of children's eye diseases, such as strabismus correction and cataract removal.

Paediatric Dermatological Surgery

The surgical treatment of skin disorders and birthmarks in children.

Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery

Surgical care for children with congenital heart problems and other cardiovascular disorders.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Correction of congenital defects, cleft lip and palate repair, and reconstructive surgery after trauma or cancer treatment are all examples of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Pediatric ENT Surgery

Surgical treatment of disorders affecting the ear, nose, throat, and related structures in children.

Paediatric Surgery Doctors

Why Choose Us

Why choose us?

  • The majority of children’s congenital and acquired surgical issues are handled at this clinic. Additionally, the department offers comprehensive, multi-specialty counselling and therapies for adolescent issues.
  • The department collaborates with the paediatrics and neonatology departments to provide complete treatment for the surgical neonate, infant, and child.
  • The surgeons and the nurses in the department are specially trained in the surgical care of infants and children.
  • The Department also provides highly specialized services in the management of Pediatric trauma, Gastro-intestinal lesions, tumors in children and genito-urinary problems with excellent outcomes
  • Kothari has the best and state-of-the-art infrastructure – Operation Theatre, ICU and Neonatal ICU


Congenital malformations (such as cleft lip and palate, heart defects), gastrointestinal problems, hernias, appendicitis, tumours, trauma-related injuries, and more are all conditions that our department treats. For kids who require surgical intervention, we offer complete care.

It might be difficult to get your child ready for surgery, but open communication is essential. To ensure a seamless procedure, we give parents and guardians pre-surgery instructions. This may include advice on fasting, dosage recommendations for medications, and methods to ease your child’s anxiousness

Our department has strict safety procedures in place and our surgeons have received extensive training in paediatric surgical procedures. All procedures have certain inherent hazards, but we take every measure to reduce them and give your kid the best chance for success.

Our paediatric surgeons are competent in using minimally invasive procedures to reduce scarring. When an incision is required, we make sure to keep it as small and undetectable as possible.

Our anesthesiologists have extensive experience in properly giving anaesthesia to youngsters. They adapt the anaesthesia strategy to each child based on their age, weight, and medical history. We also use appropriate pain management measures to ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible during their recuperation.

The length of recovery depends on the type of operation and the health of your child. Some treatments may necessitate overnight hospital stays, but others may allow for faster recovery at home. Our medical staff will walk you through the rehabilitation process and answer any questions you might have along the way.

On the day of operation, you will be introduced to our surgical team, which includes the anesthesiologist and nurses. They’ll walk you through the steps and answer any last-minute queries. We will provide post-operative care instructions and monitor your child’s recuperation after the procedure.

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